Friday, February 3, 2012

While My Crabcake Fries

Yes, I'm making a Philips crabcake from Costcos and while I was replying to a friend I realized I'm stuck in the same rut I always didn't want to be in.  We were talking about Elmo and I remarked how he does the same thing all the time.  And I realized I'm being creative the same way every day.  The one thing I never liked about the poetry world has come back to haunt me...only this time I LOVE IT!  I learned my lesson.  I wasn't ready then.  Everything is a formula.  If it works, why not stick with it?  There are certain things I do on a regular basis that I am very loathe to change.  If someone wants to watch you, pay for you, or is entertained by you doing the same thing all the time why really change it?  At some point you can sneak something different in as long as you make it look the same.

I've watched plenty careers over the last twelve non poetic years.  Janet Jackson will be singing about "Control" the rest of her life and she has control, too.  She can stop singing that song if she wants, but we all know that is NOT going to bring in the money.

Ain't it funny what we learn, how we learn, and when that ish is gonna kick you in the butt???

As a little side note:  I always wanted one of those "routine children."  You know the ones that if you are at the circus and it's their bedtime they fall asleep with an elephant blaring in their ear?  LOL  So I know I was never reluctant to routines.  I just had to find out at the right time :-)

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