Friday, September 16, 2011

Pay Yourself Forward

I'm cooking myself breakfast and I always have a great day when I do that.  Why?  Because I LOVE when I do a little something for myself that I never do.  I always cook for my family and even when friends come over I'm in the kitchen, but it's so few and far between that I sit down and plan a meal for MYSELF.  Most mothers don't.  Hell.  Most single people don't.  We just eat whatever is around and take very little thought to our health and enjoyment.  We spend time making little menus for the kids.  We check with our significant others on their preferences.  And the thing we do for ourselves is basically, "Can I cook chicken again?"  We just make it interesting for us to cook, but never really throw our input into the dining experience.

So today I was feeling really good about breakfast and I wondered, "why?"  It's because I was doing something for me, and I realize now that I need to do more of that.  I don't have to go overboard, but I do need to be more consistent and forgiving.  It's like we feel we don't deserve to give the same to ourselves.  I've bought so much for other people.  I've given selflessly to charities.  Doesn't charity start at home?  Isn't there some axiom that states in part the more you give the more you get?  Who says you have to "get" it from someone else?

Hopefully, I understand everything I just said and start paying myself forward, and hopefully you do, too.